Inject some added motivation into your starter practice with these great yoga products


Enduro Deep Waistband Leggings | Scoop Back Crop Top

Both crafted from BAM’s sustainable,  high-quality bamboo jersey fabric,  providing figure-sculpting support and  freedom of movement. The opaque  yoga leggings are designed with a wide  waistband for improved comfort and  support. The soft and comfortable crop  top is ideal for layering or worn on  its own. 

£49 (leggings) £28 (top)


INHALE | The Vest

A key staple for beginner yogis, this  vest is simple in design, created  with Signature Stretch Towelling  Technology to wipe away sweat as  you workout. Placed along the bottom  to wipe dry your hands after holding  down-dog for too long, the vest is  loose fitting allowing you to lift the  towelling to wipe away any lingering  sweat from your forehead. The reverse  of the top secretly hides the brand’s  flamingo (Marjorie is her name!),  which matches the flamingo pink  accents and detailing of the top. 



A Twenty-First Century Seeker: Maintaining Spiritual Principles In A Very Hectic World

Written in a fresh, easily understandable and entertaining  style, this personal guide to learn meditation by Pradhan  Balter offers a proven way towards becoming happier and  more peaceful. The author has taught meditation in over 40  countries and this book reflects his experience with thousands  of spiritual seekers from around the world. His down-to-earth  style coupled with his sense of humour makes meditation  easy and accessible for all. Includes many different meditation  techniques; how to make it a  part of your daily routine; and  tools to incorporate spiritual  principles into today’s busy  world. Available on amazon. 



BackBaller Foam Roller

Show your back some love! This revolutionary dual mounted foam roller is great for injury prevention  and recovery and ideal for focused muscle relief.  Ergonomic design and neoprene grip pads, the  rollers are interchangeable and the distance  between them is adjustable. Tested to take 400kg  and contoured to minimise spinal contact. 



NA-KAI Yoga Leggings & Bra

Look no further for the most  colourful set to brighten up your  world. With 100% guaranteed  no see through leggings and  removable padding 

£Ada Bra £30 Ada leggings £40

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