Dealing with the inner demons 142

Dealing with the inner demons

How do deal with your own mental and emotional issues and baggage whilst on a yoga teacher
training course. By Jo Moules

Isn't it exciting? You have made the decision, done your research, chosen your course and are immersing yourself in all the new knowledge, tips, tools and practices that are going to change your life!

But then, something feels off. You are feeling anxious. More emotional. Why is everything the instructor saying annoying you? Why are you crying? What is this aching in your body?

Well, congratulations my friend, as you are currently in the all-important 'processing phase'.

You already know the power of yoga. It heals trauma, mental anguish and the body. Therefore it makes sense that while going through a teacher training course a lot of 'stuff' is going to come up for you.

You will physically be practicing a lot of yoga as well as the theory. However, the theory also brings up emotions as the very nature of yoga forces you to 'self-study'.

Added to the fact that your fellow trainees will also be processing their own emotional issues, is it any wonder that you have this lovely melting pot of emotions and healing around you and you have hit this uncomfortable wall?

Here are some ways to deal with the mental and emotional issues that come up whilst on teacher training.

Trust the process

As the wobbles or emotions are bubbling to the surface, trust that this is perfectly normal and expected. It means that you are evolving and growing. A teacher training course can be very powerful, and this may not be the only one you do, so be prepared for this to happen and know that it means you are on the right path.

Use the yoga

The yoga got you into this emotional state, it will get you out again. Use the yoga, meditations and quiet time to be with the feelings that you are experiencing. Yoga is so nourishing and healing that to transition through this phase, you will need to go further inward and discover yourself. Journal, move, breathe and meditate – this too shall pass.

Lean on those around you

As mentioned before, your fellow trainees will also be processing their own issues, so lean on each other, share your experiences. But remember that no one is there to fix you or you to fix them, just to hold you as you go through it. And equally do the same for them.

You will go through mental and emotional issues as you train, but be comfortable in the knowledge that it is through this learning that your greater wisdom is uncovered, and ultimately, having dealt with and faced your own baggage, makes you a stronger, more powerful teacher in the long run.

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