Yoga street art at its finest

We love these impromptu yoga street art photos by Francesca Magnani ( She photographed her yoga teacher Dina Ivas ( after she spotted a pair of wings just outside one of the places where she teaches her hugely popular flow classes in New York.
The wings were painted by LA-based artist Colette Miller (, who started creating her Wings Project in 2012, taking it around the globe. Her motivation is to remind humans that we are all angels of this world.
Magnani has been photographing the streets of New York for almost 20 years. “I love to see the constant change and how a simple step inside a frame by a stranger can change the mood in an image,” she says. “These wings are so ephemeral and yet they give so much inspiration to passersby. Stop in front of the scaffolding at any time and you will find a happy person giddily trying them on.
We were all made to fly,” she says. To quote legendary designer Coco Chanel: “If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.”

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