OM Yoga & Lifestyle January life article

Be brave this new year

Make life work for you. Ask yourself some searching questions: what do I really want from life? Am I getting it? If not, why not? What can I do to make it happen?

These are challenging questions alright but why let life just pass you by? If you really want something then grab it. People around me keep talking about direction. They’ve come to a point in their lives where work seems to have taken over; they’re permanently tired, spiritually drained and physically suffering. It’s not a good place. But all they do is talk.

Why keep grinding yourself down a road that’s doing you no good? The excuses are endless but in reality the one thing preventing most people doing what they’d really want is fear. If you didn’t worry, then you’d just do it, right? You really can do anything you want if you set your mind to it. Take time to be clear and set your intention; make an ‘image board’ or a list; put in the groundwork and believe in yourself. It will come.

Kundalini yoga teaches that we are now entering a new phase of community, as opposed, in this case, to working against each other in competition. Hierarchies are old news. Now, it’s about equality and getting back what you put in. It might be scary to consider your own path, but you’re not alone, in the thought or on that journey. There are so many other small, independent enterprises to work with. And the support networks to match.

Sites like are brilliant for cost-effective build additions and, again, you’d be supporting another individual in their efforts. Look at what other people in your field are doing and watch and learn, maybe even reach out. If they’re truly open to helping people with what they’re doing, they’ll want to assist you too. There are also loads of free webinars on the Internet. This is the age of information, so use it.

It is time for people to come together but in their own terms. Why should you let any aspect of your life suffer? Doing things you want will make you happier, more fulfilled and will enhance life for those around you. So don’t let life pass you by. Just do it.

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