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Two of my most popular excuses as to why I don’t do yoga as consistently as I could or should are: ‘I‘m too busy to make it to class’ and ‘I can’t afford the fees’. Both, to me, are perfectly good reasons. I do genuinely have a very busy work and personal life, and I don’t have abundant spare cash to throw about.

And when someone tells me to start a little home practice of my own to overcome these challenges I usually come up with something else. Typically, it’s either because I can’t be bothered after slumping into the sofa to watch TV at night, or something about being a beginner and not capable of leading my own practice. Still fairly valid excuses, I reckon. But something changed in me recently. My circumstances hadn’t changed at all – class fees were still too expensive, my life was still hectic – but I was getting way too stressed.

I was faced with a rather stark choice: either embark on a home practice, of whatever description, or do no yoga at all. The latter was not an option so I thought I’d give it a go and see what happened. If it didn’t work out, or if it was a disaster, or if I couldn’t muster the motivation after two days, then at least I’d tried. Someone once told me that doing some gentle yoga before bed was great for a good night’s sleep. That was an issue for me so I thought I’d try and put in a quiet half hour in the run-up to bedtime. It was ambitious but not overly so.

I tried it the first night and enjoyed it. I had to force myself a bit the next couple of nights but was pleased with myself afterwards for making the effort. It was time well spent. And it did wonders for my sleep. And, surprisingly, for my self-esteem too. The ability to stick with something that you know is good for you, instead of collapsing in front of the TV eating sweets, made me feel good about myself. And so I now have a regular – albeit very simplistic – home yoga practice. And it’s working out pretty well. Whatever your excuse for not going to yoga, give it a whirl at home. Trust me, if I can do it then anyone can.

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