Beware: yoga in the park can be bad for your finances, writes Jonathan Schofield 

Light and warmth have returned. Time to ditch the gym membership and get outdoors. I’m determined to soak up every particle of light I can – stock up with copious amounts of vitamin D to get me through the next winter.

From my new office between Euston Station and Regent’s Park I’m spending too much time gazing out the window, planning all the bike rides and runs I’ll complete this summer. No-one else seems to be gazing out of windows. I’m taken back to being a seven-year-old schoolboy, the daily rebuke from Mrs Saggers: “Schofield – stop day dreaming!” Give me the boy till he’s seven, and I’ll give you the man.

The need to be outside includes yoga. Last week, I quit my indoor yoga class and headed to Regent’s Park to perform my limited yoga poses on the grass, under the sun. And what a stunning place to be on a warm summer’s evening. The vast park, once the hunting ground of Henry VIII, now filled with throngs of people released from their office confines, running, exercising, playing softball, Aussie Rules Football and touch rugby.

I arrive, find a spot close to some trees and begin. Nothing too taxing, a few salutes to the sun, mountain pose, warrior and a very wobbly tree pose – it must be said I’ve not moved on much in the last year. I move on to the corpse pose, in an attempt to calm and clear the clutter of the day.

My eyes are closed and I’m in that strange place between yoga and falling asleep when I hear something land close to me. I open an eye and see a red frisbee nearby. A voice says: “Sorry mate didn’t hit you did I?” He didn’t and I return to corpse, soaking up the sun.

When I finished, I picked up my top and noticed that the wallet I’d folded within it was gone.

So this is just a warning really. Look out if you’re taking yoga in the great outdoors this summer. Certainly watch out for anyone with a red frisbee – it’s quite possible he’ll ruin your karma and leave you with a long walk home.

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