Root Chakra

Light up your root chakra this spring with yoga.

Spring is the perfect opportunity to ignite the root chakra (muladhara) inside ourselves as a time of rebirth and new growth. The chakras manifest themselves as spinning wheels of energy that correspond to specific areas of the body. The human body consists of seven chakras which influence behaviours and values in our lives. You’ll experience differences in your body depending on which chakra you choose to activate. The root chakra is represented by the element earth. As earth provides the foundation and resources for our existence, the root chakra serves as the foundation for the entire chakra system. Located at the base of the spine, it is associated with feelings of safety and grounding. It allows us to grow with security while we explore all aspects of our lives.

Ignite your root chakra

There are many ways you can feel grounded and at one with the earth this season. Engage and open up the root chakra by making time for more earth-related activities such as hiking, gardening, or cooking fresh, healthy foods. If you’re looking to get in touch with this energy, here are some easy ways you can activate the root chakra on a daily basis.

When you feel less grounded, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart while keeping your upper body relaxed. Allow your arms to rest with ease by your sides. Take a few deep breaths and with each exhale, let yourself feel more connected to the earth while you push your feet down deeper into the ground.

As you walk down the street or take a hike in nature, be aware of every step you take. With each stride, concentrate on your breath. Notice how it feels to touch the ground with each step. Yes, even walking can ignite the root chakra and help you feel more connected to the earth beneath you.

Standing forward bend (uttanasana) is a great pose to light up the root chakra. You’ll find yourself feeling more centred and calm as you let your body and mind relax. This pose slowly stretches the hamstrings and relieves tension in the low back.

Then feel the ground beneath you in easy pose (sukhasana) as you close your eyes and breathe. Begin by sitting on your yoga mat. Fold a thick blanket underneath for support and sit close to one edge of the blanket with your legs out in front of you on the floor. Cross your shins, keep your knees wide and fold each foot underneath the opposite knee as you fold your legs in toward your torso. Inhale taking in the fresh new energy of spring and exhale all of the things you want to leave behind. Trust in yourself, let go and be open to new opportunities that await you.
Light up your root chakra both on and off the mat! Feel safe and connected to Mother Earth as you embrace new opportunities this spring season.

By Jenny Baker, Asheville Yoga Center, USA (


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