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A 10 part course to develop your connection with the Spirit world.
​This course is a fantastic opportunity for you if you've wanted to begin working with Spirit, but have no idea where to start. Split into easily digestible chapters, this course uses video talks, practical exercises & meditation to help open up your natural gifts and start a life changing journey.
This course has been written by medium Hannah Macintyre & her Spirit Guides to be the perfect start for you.
Hannah is an international Evidential Medium, spiritual teacher and host of the Top 10 Spiritual Podcast Mediumship Matters. Hannah has worked with spirit for over a decade and is known for her accessible, inspiring approach to modern mediumship.
The course covers:
  • Building a connection to Spirit
  • Is it Spirit or me?
  • Working with Spirit Guides
  • Understanding the different frequencies of energy
  • Using Oracle Cards
  • Using Crystal Balls & Pendulums
  • Guided writing
  • Working with Colour
  • The love of the Angels
  • Ascended Masters
  • Connecting to loved ones in Spirit
  • Past Lives
Starting with Spirit is a library of video lessons for you to watch, enjoy and digest at your own pace in your own time zone. If you’re looking to learn more about the spirit world this is the perfect starting point for you!
(£97 for Lifetime Access)
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