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Receive 14-days of FREE Yoga by clicking the link 

Expires 15 March 2024

Practice yoga from the comfort of your home with the Awakened Soul Yoga 24/7 On Demand Video Library. It’s packed with over 260+ videos. You'll find classes dedicated to specific body areas (lower back pain, tight neck, shoulders or hips, core strengthening etc.), General classes, Dynamic classes, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Tutorials, Restorative Yoga and so much more!

All classes vary in length and difficulty. So pick what you're in the mood for, jump on your mat and up level your fitness, strength and flexibility this New Year.

As a veteran teacher of over 18-years, the world of yoga has changed so much during this time. My mission is for you to see beyond the physical practice (with all the ego's pitfalls), and fall in love with this sacred technique as a way of staying grounded, balanced and steeped in deep inner calm as you navigate the challenges 2024 will inevitably bring. Here’s to your best and most optimal physical and mental health yet.

Welcome to your 2-week free trial!

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