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Did you know your hormones are actually processed in your gut? For women entering perimenopause, a balanced estrobolome (the collection of bacteria vital for metabolising oestrogen in your gut) is crucial. During this time fluctuating oestrogen levels can reduce bacterial diversity in the estrobolome, leading to the common symptoms associated with menopause like, IBS, bloating, hot flushes, mood changes, anxiety and more. However by focusing on your gut health these symptoms can be significantly alleviated…


The Better Gut® has been developed by Nutritional Therapist and founder of The Better Menopause Jo Lyall, along with expert Menopause Doctor Dr. Shahzadi Harper and is the first probiotic specifically tailored to support the gut health of perimenopausal and menopausal women.


Using a blend of 6 high powered scientifically backed bacteria strains- The Better Gut® Biotic supplement is helping women to optimise their gut health and in doing so alleviating the symptoms commonly experienced during peri/menopause.


The Better Gut® can help you to…

  • Reduce Hot Flushes
  • Sleep Better
  • Protect Bone Density
  • Alleviate Bloating
  • Improve Mood and Alleviate Brain Fog
  • Support Vaginal Health


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