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Make your physical wellbeing a priority.

The relationship we have with ourselves sets the tone for every other relationship in our lives. Self-love is the practice of showing up for ourselves daily, celebrating ourselves daily, and understanding that whatever we feel we need from others, we have the power to give to ourselves.

This month, we’re delving into the depths of self-care through physical wellbeing as a self-love practice, and how looking after your body can be one of the most obvious ways to show up for
yourself every single day.

Because if you’re not feeling good in your physical body, how can you truly be showing yourself that you are your number one priority?

Our bodies are the containers through which everything else happens. The breath, the thoughts, the soul, the movements we make; they all start inside our bodies. So the better we treat our
bodies, the better we feel in general.

When we treat our bodies poorly, we feel tired and weak, with not enough energy to pour love into ourselves.

Self-love and nourishment go hand in hand; you can’t have one without the other. Nourishing your body through regular exercise, good food and enough sleep are daily acts of self-love. As we fill
ourselves up with physical nourishment, we are announcing to ourselves and the world around us that we are important and we are worthy of being properly cared for.

How we treat ourselves is how we teach others to treat us. So if we’re not treating our bodies with care, what messages are we giving out?

The main thing we need to remember when looking after our bodies is to have the right intention.

If we see our physical wellbeing as a self-love practice, then exercising and eating well are done lovingly, not as a punishment so we can look a certain way.

Exercise with the intention of feeling good. Allow it to be a way to help you feel your best, to feel stronger, with more energy, rather than focussing on punishing your body for what you’ve eaten.

Find a movement practice you enjoy – there is no right or wrong – but doing something you hate just for aesthetic reasons isn’t very loving at all.

Fuelling our bodies with healthy foods that are fresh, whole and nourishing makes us feel better both physically and mentally.

But just like exercise, punishing yourself with a strict diet just to look a certain way isn’t very loving either.

Take the focus away from what you look like, and nourish your body instead as a celebration of all it does for you. As a celebration of how it keeps going tirelessly to support you in every aspect of your life.

Making exercise and nourishing food a priority isn’t about wanting to change our bodies. It’s about appreciating the bodies we live in right now, and acknowledging that they deserve as much love
as possible.

And as we pour love into our bodies, that love spills out into the rest of our being.

Sabi Kerr is a yoga teacher and life coach. It’s her passion to support people in developing deep levels of self-love, so that they can move forwards and  create their fullest lives (

Discover more throughout the Year of Self-Love with Sabi Kerr.


  1. Olivia Cunliffe on January 25, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    This is empowering! Self Love is vital!

  2. Mary Kinneavy on February 1, 2019 at 9:28 am

    Very important reminder of giving our bodies love and care through good, nurturing food and mindful Yoga practice…. Not to do battle with our precious life force… to achieve some sort of hyped ‘ideal’.. Following own patterns of being nourished fullest sense… not always easy but making it natural like breathing a key for me.
    Mary x

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