Stay warm on the inside, whatever the weather. By Denise Leicester

November is one of my favourite months: the festive madness is still at arm’s length, the light is low and golden, and I usually feel as fired up as the red and orange leaves that cling to the branches outside. For many in the UK, however, it’s the month that the inner fires start to wane, as winter takes hold and our emotional wellbeing dips in line with the temperature. But it needn’t be that way. There’s still a lot of fire around that we can draw on to fan our inner flames. Here are my seven top tips for keeping the chakras fired and healthy and your spirits ignited.

First (Root) Chakra. Place a warm water bottle on each kidney and a cold one on the abdomen, taking the time to rest, recharge and feel grounded.

Second (Sacral) Chakra. Indulge in childhood pleasures and playtime – kick some leaves, fly a kite – anything to bring a glowing, inner smile.

Third (Solar Plexus) Chakra. Nourish your vital energy centre with warming foods – hot ginger drinks, homemade soups and vibrant-coloured fruits and vegetables.

Fourth (Heart) Chakra. Shower your entire being with love – from rich balms for your skin to taking the time to breathe more slowly and deeply.

Fifth (Throat) Chakra. Feed your sleep and dream centre – go to bed early or indulge in some time snuggled on the sofa under a blanket.

Sixth (Third Eye) Chakra. Focus on the glow – light a candle, meditate on its flame, then close your eyes and focus on your third eye.

Seventh (Crown) Chakra. Give in to gratitude – each day, focus on one thing you feel grateful for, and dedicate any quiet time or meditation to this, helping grace flow with abundant fire.

In summary, if you take a little time each day to rest, play, nourish, love, dream, see/connect and express gratitude, it’ll help keep your inner strength burning bright right through the depths of winter.

Conscious Beauty
Even though the days may be shorter, you can still focus on the sun and its energy. Embark on a week-long ‘warming’ challenge.  Spend five minutes every day going through the twelve Sun Salutation movements, each day focusing on one chakra, so that by the end of the week you’ll have boosted all seven. Based on the above, this could be as simple as: I am (rest); I feel (play); I do (nourish); I love (love); I dream (sleep); I see (light); I know (gratitude). For a bonus boost, spend a few minutes a day engaged in Ujjayi breathing. Focus on each exhalation, inhaling up the spine and exhaling from the top of the head down the front of the body, warming the core, massaging the internal organs and bringing focus and energy.

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