OM Yoga Magazine March Article

In touch with nature, in touch with beauty by Denise Leicester.

Many of us feel an inextricable connection to nature yet don’t really pay it that much attention. To me, keeping in touch with nature is one of the best ways of keeping in touch with our own inner beauty.

This year, I plan to focus on the rhythms of nature’s flow in an attempt to illustrate the benefits of aligning ourselves with this peaceful harmony and expressing it in our lives and to ourselves. In the Celtic seasonal calendar, this time of year (well, early February, to be precise) brings Imbolc – the start of the lambing season and the beginning of Spring. Meaning ‘in the belly’, Imbolc sees the natural world bulging with the promise of renewal and awakening, growth and light, potential and rebirth.

Aligning ourselves with this energetic push makes Imbolc a great time to purify ourselves of all that we no longer need – in our skin, our hearts and our lives. It’s a time for optimism and fresh starts, for planting the seeds of new plans and planning how best to nurture them to their fullest potential. This also makes it the perfect opportunity for focused meditation and contemplation of our hopes and desires for the year ahead.

Journeying within in this way helps us to clarify what’s important. It also helps give us the strength we need to reject anything set to stifle our growth in the coming year. Freeing up such valuable space for fresh growth and activity is essential to our energetic health. Taking our hints from the natural world makes Imbolc a great time to awaken our hearts and minds to the universe of opportunities and possibilities that exist both within and around us. And if that doesn’t help our inner beauty radiate a warm, hopeful glow, nothing will.

Conscious Beauty
It may sound clichéd, but Imbolc really is a good time of year to declutter your physical space. Once you’ve done that, cleanse any residual negative energy with the smoke from a sage and lavender smudge stick, then light a candle to symbolise a new energy and your new commitment to yourself. Now it’s time to purify yourself.

Use rich masks and scrubs all over, then soak in a warm bath imbued with Himalayan salt crystals and essential oils like rose geranium and lemongrass to cleanse negativity and revitalise the bio-energy field. Scrub your nails and hair. Close your eyes, ground your mind, relax your muscles, and soak as long as you need to feel all your negativity slip away – then watch it drain away with the water leaving you mentally and physically renewed, ready to embrace the alluring promise of your subtlest innermost beauty.

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