May you walk in beauty every day. By Denise Leicester

There is a Navajo blessing, ‘May you walk in beauty’, that reminds us that beauty is everywhere: on every path we take; in everything we do; around us at all times.
The true ‘blessing’ is noticing that it is there.

Rosalyn Dexter, author of ‘Design is a Mind-Field, Cellular Rejuvenating Architecture’, shares how beauty is woven into our DNA: how looking upon that which
is beautiful can resonate deep within,and affect us at all levels, boosting the immune system and raising pain tolerance. She illustrates how external beauty can trigger its mirror within and awaken our inner healer.

Walking in beauty is also about elevating and enhancing our sense of being and embracing the harmony of life and consciousness. It’s about clearing that which litters our mind and surroundings, enabling us to see the beauty in the simplest of things that we might otherwise have missed. And it’s something that we can all easily work towards making a more fulfilling part of every day.
While every season is exceptionally beautiful, spring – with its renewing promise, budding new life and symbolism of fresh starts – is a great time to introduce oneself to (or rejuvenate) a practice of connecting to the beauty and higher energies of the earth.

It’s the time most naturally associated with spring-cleaning our minds of ingrained thinking and conditioned habits; even simplifying our daily schedules can help lift the fog. When we free ourselves of all-consuming excess and everyday expectations, we are better able to see and embrace the beauty that surrounds us, revealed in all its expressions and guises.
Conscious Beauty

Spring-clean your mind, body and soul. Clear out any clutter in your home, wardrobe or office; begin a juice cleanse; start tackling your to do list; open your mind to something new and exciting; or re-engage with your meditation. Whatever you choose, recognise the potential beauty along every step of the way. Experience spring’s energy – simple, spontaneous and abundant in new beginnings – letting it flow daily through you and with you, nurturing your attention to and appreciation of all that is within and around you. By making your actions and mindset a reflection of the newfound beauty that you embrace, you’ll soon start to cultivate a conscious path towards improved happiness and wellbeing.

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