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A female yoga teacher I knew once when I was starting out a year or so ago said to me that, for a yoga instructor, she wasn’t especially flexible or bendy.

At the time, I was a bit surprised to hear it, but the more I keep on this yoga path of my own the more I get what she was really saying. For her, it was all about enjoying the total yoga experience – mind, body and soul – rather than simply being able to stand on your head.

Yes, it’s mightily impressive if you can wow crowds with your scorpion (see how it’s meant to be done on page XX), but don’t feel down about it if you can’t even get off the chair and make it down to the mat. Luckily, I’m not that challenged, but I no longer aspire to perform X-Factor-style moves to impress others nor, even more importantly, myself. The beauty of yoga is that there is something for everyone no matter what level you’re at. The truth is we are all so unique too.

No matter how good I get at Bikram Yoga, for instance, I’ll never get to be Bikram Choudhury, the boss man himself. He may well bend better than me, but I bend differently. Okay, so that may not look as aesthetically appealing to the outsider, but that’s not what it’s all about anyway.

Now that I’ve got to understand this whole yoga thing a bit better I appreciate those early words of wisdom from one of my teachers. For me, yoga is far more than touching your toes or standing on your head, it’s about discovering the best you inside, and then projecting that wonderful and positive energy out into the big wide world around you.

Plus, I also get to chill out after a hard day in the office, and hang out with lots of pretty, gorgeous women. So who cares if I can’t bend this way or that way? I bend my own way.

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