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That’s it, I’ve had enough of chasing my tail around, slogging my guts out working and doing things for everyone else. It’s all caught up with me in recent weeks and I’ve not been feeling my usual chipper self. In a nutshell, I’m suffering good ol’ fashioned burn out. Not enough yoga and quiet time; too much fast-paced living, gadgets and permanent connectivity.

And so I’ve decided to take it easy for a while; possibly forever. No, I haven’t resigned from work or life, but I’ve got a new mindset going on, one that basically puts me first – for the first time ever. I’ve never been a selfish sort and have always put the needs of others above my own, and I’m still that way inclined. But only now do I understand the need to factor in time for myself too. After all, it doesn’t serve anyone if you run yourself into the ground.

So, out go late nights, fast food, hours on end tapping away on the computer and general busy-ness; and in comes more yoga, meditation, nature walks and, hopefully, a greater sense of peace. When life gets crazy it’s even more important to find that balance again. So that’s why I’m nipping into the metaphorical slow lane for a while, to cruise along behind the caravans and other slow moving vehicles of this world. It’s all I want right now.

As Guns N’ Roses state in their ballad, Cold November Rain: “Sometimes I need some time on my own; sometimes I need some time all alone; everybody needs some time on their own”. In my case, populated by the odd yoga class, of course.

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