Find sweet healing from the ojas within. By Denise Leicester

I was recently asked how the power of healing can be used in beauty products and why does this improve them. Healing can be described in so many different ways and is like a diamond with endless facets – we have healing herbs, healing hands, healing foods, healing music. But what is the energy of healing?

I perceive healing as a vibrant positive flow of energy that can be transmitted by plants, by touch, by sound and most subtly, by intention. It is a natural state within us – a flow of beneficial energy between healer and recipient  that deals with all sorts of different ‘dis-ease’ at its deepest level; a process that is able to activate the natural and abundant healing resources in existence within us.

Ayurveda and yoga are very sophisticated in identifying particular healing energies. One that is particularly linked to beauty is called ojas: the radiant shining energy within us that keeps us in good health and positive mind set, and with dewy skin and bright eyes. There are many plants that are high in the ojas energy, such as the rose plant, which produces rosehip seed oil and rose damascene. Using pure rose damascene oil, for example, will bring more ojas to the skin and stimulate the energy within.

I have found that ingredients that grow at high altitude – without chemicals and in a pure environment – hold more ojas healing energy, which can be transferred via the skin to stimulate the ojas energy within. I think that the question we really need to ask ourselves, therefore, is: ‘How can I use a beauty product that doesn’t contain this healing energy?’

Conscious Beauty
To create your own Beauty Immersion, pour boiling water over half a teaspoon of dried lavender flowers, rose flowers and rosehip seeds and infuse as a tea.

Make a body scrub with salt, rosehip seeds, rosehip seed oil and some precious rose oil. Exfoliate your body and then soak in a warm bath. Breathe in the aromas slowly and deeply, consciously breathing in joy and breathing out any worries or tension with long, deep exhalations.

Pat your skin gently and be aware of how silky soft and radiant it is. Apply a little oil to your still damp face and body and relax with your tea, sweetened with a little honey or agave. Above all, take time to remember that you are that beauty.

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