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Eating his greens at dinnertime just got a lot easier for Alex Ford

Yoga has a funny way of infiltrating seemingly every little part of your life.

For example: there was a time, back in my childhood days, when eating my greens was a form of dinnertime torture. It was so unfair, cruel even, that my parents insisted I eat all of those soggy, overcooked green leaves – spinach, cabbage, whatever – before I could enjoy any pudding afterwards. Little wonder, then, that I’d developed some sort of aversion to the green stuff by the time I was old enough to feed myself.

But times change. As well as being a little (a lot) older and more mindful of what I eat for health reasons, I’m also now a regular yogi. Not a good one, mind, but a regular practitioner, nonetheless. And with this comes exposure to new ideas and lifestyles, including diet and nutrition. And that’s no more evident than in my change of attitude towards greens. As part of my own yoga journey, I’m now a regular cook in the kitchen, drumming up wholesome, albeit rather simplistic, dishes that include more, guess what…greens.

Now I can’t get enough of them. And I’ve moved on too, exploring the big wide world of chard, kale and other mysterious things that grow in the ground. Who’d have thought it? My dear old mum would be proud of me.

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