Dragonfly pose is an arm-balancing pose, and a deep hip-opener. Dylan Ayaloo guides us through the pose.

Benefits of Dragonfly Pose

  • Rinses/massages internal organs.
  • It’s a deep hip opener – the glutes and piriformis muscles get a deep stretch.
  • Arm balance – strengthens arm, shoulder and upper back muscles.
  • Strengthens core/abs and legs.

Common Mistakes

  • Not opening hips enough – this pose requires that you’ve done a fair amount of poses like pigeon and pigeon twist to the foot poses to open the hip area up and twist before attempting this pose.
  • Hands/fingers pointing out – not able to balance or stop themselves from tipping over onto the head/face. The fingertips are used as the brakes which help from falling forward and create balance in the pose.
  • Not bending elbows enough – the practitioner won’t be able to get into the arm balance if the arms are not bent enough, as the foot resting on the upper arm will have no ‘shelf’ to balance on.
  • Bending elbows too much – opening up rotator cuffs too much and possible damage of these muscles over time if repeated a lot.


  • Stretch out the wrists before getting into the pose.
  • Stick the resting foot high up the upper arm – get deeper into the twist before placing arms on the floor and resting the foot on the upper arm.
  • Practice lots of hip openers, twists, basic arm balances like crow, to strengthen your abs, stretch out upper back and shoulders for the strength and mobility required.


You are doing an arm balance, so the fear of falling on your face may show up. Keep your awareness in your core region and it may help facing sideways rather than the floor in front. Spread out your toes and press out through the ball of the extending foot to make that leg engaged and lighter. Lift chest bone forwards once in the pose.

Dylan Ayaloo: dylanayaloo.com
Photo: imeldajphotography.com

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