Tune into the divine within to find your true gorgeous. By Denise Leicester

I love this quote from Abraham Hicks: “Your sophisticated physical body exists because of the intelligence of your cells. And the intelligence of your cells exists because of their connection to source energy.”
It’s a profound reminder that the source of true beauty and perfection lies within us, not outside us. It reminds us that there is a loving and caring intelligence and resource readily available to us, wherever we are and whatever we may be experiencing. And that by keeping aligned with and open to this energy, we are able to overcome any imbalance we may experience within.
Our lives can become a reflection of this inner state of harmony and beauty by consciously connecting and embracing this truth on a daily basis. Staying connected and trusting in this truth, however, is not always that easy, especially as life magnetises us in an outer spiral away from source energy.
My own attempts at daily balance always bring me back to a very simple meditation practice, or taking time for inner relaxation and connection. Over the years, it has become an ingrained part of my twice daily ‘beauty’ routine: an accessible and deeply nurturing practice that can profoundly calm the mind and allow the necessary time to strengthen, trust and be guided by the connection of radiant beauty within.
The simplest technique I know is Anapanasati: conscious breathing, or following the flow of the breath in and out, keeping aware of the pauses between inhalation and exhalation. In the ancient Indian language of Pali, ‘Ana’ means breathing in, ‘Apana’ means breathing out, and ‘Sati’ means awareness or mindfulness. It’s an incredibly simple process that has a profoundly positive effect on all the cells throughout the body: deeply oxygenating the bloodstream; helping to reduce stress; boosting immunity; and allowing the universe’s infinite cosmic intelligence to flood every fibre of our being. Sounds too good to be true? Give it a try.
Conscious Beauty
As part of your beauty routine, create a space each morning and evening to consciously connect. For me, the best time is either after a bath or shower, or once I have applied my creams or oils. Start with just five minutes, with the intention of building up to 15. Aroma can help begin to calm your thoughts. Try Mediation Mists from Spa Kitchen (spa.kitchen). Start by bringing your awareness to your breathing, observing the rhythm of your breath as you inhale, the pause in your breath before you exhale, and the pause before your next inhalation. If thoughts arise, just quietly acknowledge them before letting them go, then gently bring your awareness back to following
your breath. Within 2-3 minutes your mind will feel calmer and you will be on the
way to establishing a deep and beautiful inner connection.

Denise Leicester is the founder of ila-spa.com

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