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As a man of the people (as I like to think of myself), my yoga journey has not been an easy one in terms of relating to my old buddies.

And now I find that increasingly incorporates other spheres of life too, including diet, food and nutrition. These days, I constantly find myself caught between two worlds: my old ways and habits, and those influenced by my new yoga life.

I don’t care about looking weird or freaking my pals out – they’re quite used to that – but it does give me some challenging situations to deal with.

In a social context, this has meant scaling down my visits to the pub, for example. I still have the odd drink or two, but I have had to limit my exposure to those friends where drinking is the only social event in the diary.
And that means not putting myself in situations where I can go badly astray. The same is true in the world of food. Visits to that most famous Scottish-sounding burger joint, McDonald’s, have became few and far between, to the point of non-existent, as my yoga has taken hold. A growing awareness of my body, which commenced on the mat and has now widened into most other areas of my world, means I’m a bit more fussy about what I put into it.
Not extreme (I have met many yogis who I think fit into that category), just more choosy.

But this growing awareness brings new challenges especially for a man in transition trying to juggle all things in his life, old and new. Even when I do make it down the pub, going for an Indian afterwards is a whole new experience. Try suggesting a raw food restaurant after a session in the boozer with half a dozen drinking buddies and you’ll soon find out what I mean.


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