Alex Ford leaves his mat behind for one epic adventure
When I started yoga a few years ago now I never realised what a huge impact it would have on my life. It’s been great in keeping me trim and flexible (although I use that term loosely), and has certainly helped me keep my cool when life has got stressful during my busy city life. You can’t beat a bit of yogic breathing driving through London.
And I’m not sure I am the classic ‘beginner’ anymore either as I can tell my down dogs from my cat/cows – although as any yoga enthusiast will tell you: we are all students in the end.
Still, yoga has served me well these past for years and, inadvertently, prepared me for the next big adventure in my life: a mountaineering trip to the Andes.
I have been preparing for this adventure for quite some time and feel privileged to be taking part. It’s a long trip and, during this time, I will be visiting some extraordinary places, challenging myself to the extreme, and teaming up with a group of exceptional climbers and other talented individuals.
However, it means that my time visiting my local yoga studio must be put on hold. I’ll be sad to to say farewell to my teacher and a like-minded community that have all become my friends. The lessons I have learned from the mat will certainly hold me in good stead for all that awaits.
And, of course, it means no more ‘beginner’s blogs’ from me either as I head for the high hills (although I must confess, after achieving my first handstand, I also felt that I’d entered the ‘intermediate’ zone anyway).
But thank you yoga for all that you’ve given me – in mind, body and soul – gifts that I will now take away with me to the mountains.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a plane to catch.

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